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    At the same time, itching, painful induration at the injection site may appear 3-5-10 days after the start of insulin administration.

  • If injections continue to be made in the same area, an infiltrate is formed, which gradually increases, becomes sharply painful and can suppurate with the formation of an abscess and purulent fistulas, fever and a violation of the general condition of the patient.

  • Systemic reactions are usually associated with the resumption of insulin therapy after a long break.

  • Allergy to insulin with the development of systemic, generalized reactions occurs in 0.2% of patients with diabetes mellitus, while more often clinical symptoms are limited to the appearance of urticaria (hyperemia, itchy blisters at the injection site), even less often - the development of augmentin pills or anaphylactic shock.

  • Diagnosis of insulin allergy is based on a thorough study of the data of the allergic anamnesis (the specific relationship between the administration of insulin preparations and the onset of hypersensitivity symptoms), the characteristic clinical picture, the data of the patient's examination by an allergist-immunologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist and other specialists.

  • Standard clinical studies are carried out to assess the general condition of the body and the level of diabetes compensation, the level of general and specific immunoglobulins is determined, as well as other studies used in practical allergology to exclude allergic reactions of another etiology.

  • In specialized institutions, skin allergy tests can be performed with the introduction of microdoses of various types of insulin.

  • With an intradermal test, an insulin solution is injected at a dose of 0.02 ml (dilution 0.004 units / ml), the skin reaction is assessed after an hour according to the severity of augmentin and the size of the papule that has appeared.

  • Allergy to insulin must be differentiated from other allergic diseases, pseudo-allergic reactions, viral infections, skin diseases, pruritus in renal failure and lymphoproliferative diseases, neoplasms.

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With mild local hyperreactions, which quickly (within a few minutes, maximum within an hour) disappear on their own, additional therapeutic measures are not required. If the changes persist for a long time, become more pronounced after each injection of insulin, it is necessary to prescribe antihistamines, and insulin injections are recommended to be done in different parts of the body in fractional doses. If insulin allergy persists, porcine or human insulin, which lacks zinc, should be used. Optimal would be a complete transition to the introduction of purified human insulin.

  • With the development of systemic reactions (urticaria, Quincke's edema, anaphylaxis), it is necessary to provide emergency care with the introduction of adrenaline, glucocorticosteroids, antihistamines, maintaining the function of blood circulation and respiration. Complete cancellation of augmentin therapy in these situations is impractical, it is possible to temporarily reduce the amount of insulin administered by 3-4 times and gradually increase the dose to an average therapy.eutic within 2-3 days.

  • If insulin therapy has been discontinued for 2-3 days or more, it is necessary to check the sensitivity to a particular drug by conducting skin tests and determining the type of insulin that causes the least allergic reactions. After this, it is necessary to conduct desensitization (ASIT) with the introduction of the minimum first dose of insulin and a gradual increase in dosages. Such a therapeutic approach is possible only in the conditions of a specialized endocrinological or allergological hospital.

  • Sometimes, when desensitization is ineffective, insulin therapy is necessary, and there are signs of anaphylaxis, purified human insulin is administered together with glucocorticosteroid hormones (hydrocortisone) in one syringe in small doses intramuscularly.

  • When replacing the insulin preparation with a less purified one, the signs of allergy disappear. In rare cases, severe systemic allergic reactions are possible. Prevention consists in the correct selection of insulin preparations and their timely replacement in case of allergic reactions. To do this, patients should be aware of the manifestations of insulin allergy and ways to stop undesirable effects.

  • augmentin online - symptoms, treatment and prevention. Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, characterized by a runny nose, respiratory failure, sneezing, resulting from exposure to various allergens on the human body.

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In another way, it is an inadequate reaction of the human body to exogenous factors (external) - pollen, odorants, animal hair, as well as endogenous factors (internal) - allergenic food and some drugs. This disease usually occurs in the spring - summer period, and endogenous factors often cause the development of a chronic process. The disease is widespread. According to various sources, from 8 to 12% of all inhabitants of the Earth suffer from this form of allergy.

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The common causes of the development of a runny nose under the influence of an allergen include a number of diseases and physiological conditions of a person, these are: hereditary predisposition; Frequently recurring acute respiratory infections; Unreasonable and frequent prescription of antibiotics for the treatment of colds; Anomalies of development and acquired deformities of the nasal cavity; Prolonged contact with strong allergens; Increased permeability of the mucous layer of the nasal passages, which can be caused by certain diseases; Low blood pressure, increased blood clotting.

Usually develops at a young age (10-20 years). At an older age, the severity of manifestations may decrease, but patients, as a rule, are not completely cured. The manifestation of nasal congestion in childhood, caused by an allergen, most often occurs in those babies who have a metabolic disorder, diseases of the digestive system.

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